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11/3/18 Guild Meeting

Business Meeting

Lots of things are happening with our guild. With the end of the year near, planning is starting to occur. Election of Officers is coming up. Sue, who has led us beautifully for the last few years, is ready to step down. Descriptions of all our Board positions were passed out. If you are interested in running for a position, please make sure to contact Sue, Mary, or Patty.

With the election coming up, the guild sent out a short survey to find out what our members are looking for in a guild. Please make sure to fill in the survey (shouldn’t take more than a few minutes).

Part of our mission of the guild is education of the fiber arts. There will be demonstrations for Middle School students on 11/5/18 and for Primary grade students on 11/9/18.

Show and Tell

Show and Tell really revolved around all the great items that people picked up at Fiber Fusion in Monroe.

One member won beautiful handspun yarn through raffle drawings. IMG_9715

With our guild enjoying hand dyeing, another member picked up a Tincture dyeing jar by Abundant Earth Fiber.IMG_5055

Not only did she pick up dyeing materials, she also picked up a handcrafted weaving pick/comb.IMG_0571

Speaking of handcrafted beauty, after our October meeting about learning how to spin on hand spindles, another member picked up a hand-carved spindle and a beautiful inlay turkish spindle.


And of course getting new spindles meant getting new fiber to spin. She picked up some exquisite Finn Sheep fiber.IMG_2636

Of course, one member couldn’t pass up catching up on some reading.


Last but not least, another member received a new tool. She is already weaving bands on her new Sami band heddle.



Rigid heddle looms can be used for many different types of weaving. Debbie shared how she found that weaving on the rigid loom was nice and quiet compared to her larger floor looms. With that in mind, she then showed off a variety of towels that had been woven with a variety of warps (from heavy worsted weight to 8/2 thread. Members will be weaving towels either with a single or double heddle. Can’t wait to see the new towels at our next meeting.IMG_9784


agenda, band loom, inkle loom, rigid heddle, warp-faced weave, weft-faced weaves

April 1, 2017 Meeting

There were no April Fool’s jokes with our monthly meeting. We had a great time at the studio. After our business meeting, there was show & tell. It was quite a variety of spinning & weaving. After show & tell, the program began.

Tanya & Debbie continued with their instructional program with weft- & warped-faced weaves on the rigid heddle. We learned about Ghiordes Knots to give that ‘piled’ look on a weave. Then we learned about weaving bands on rigid heddles, inkle looms, and a band loom.


April Meeting minutes