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Northwest Weavers Newsletters


9/2/17 Meeting

So hopefully all of the smoke will be out of the valley by the fair begins. We discussed fair set up & take down. Members also signed up for different times to be at our booth and demonstrate a fiber skill.

Updates from members:

  • Website now has a membership form.
  • Website has link to archived website. This side has great information.
  • Brochure has been approved and Mary will make sure that we have plenty at the fair.
  • Mary will have business cards also available that will have all contact & social media information.

Show & Tell included: saddle blanket left over warp, purse with tape loom, hand spun cowl, tubular weave, sweater, spun blended fiber, & an asymmetrical shawl.


More in-depth notes can be found here Alpine Meadows 9:2:17 Minutes


March 2017 Meeting

“Tanya and I decided it would be fun to learn about weft-faced weaves on the rigid heddle loom. These techniques are usually used for rugs, but we are making cloth for very small purses, and it has been a lot of fun. At the meeting on March 4th, please bring the following, if you have it:

Rigid heddle loom

7.5 or 8 dent reed

Small stick shuttles if you have them

Weft:  yarn from your stash for weft. Bring a variety of sizes and colors. Worsted weight or DK or lighter weight yarn in singles or plied. Noro worked well, Lamb’s Pride is called for in the Weaver’s Idea Book, Cascade 220 or Cascade Tangiers. Handspun looks good.

Warp: the loom will be warped with 8/4 carpet warp. Go ahead and set yours up if you have carpet warp, otherwise you can use the carpet warp at the studio and set it up the day of the meeting (come early if possible).  The color might show a bit.
Number of ends:  36
Length of warp:  40 inches or more, depending on what is a convenient length for you to wind in your situation (the length of your table) and also depending on how much sampling you would like to do. Tanya did 50 inches in length, I did 84 inches in length.”

Also, please bring your show-and-tell.